If you have been injured in an accident, you need to be careful before you post anything on social media!

Social networking websites such as “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Instagram” have become more popular and pervasive than ever. Sadly, big insurance companies and their armies of lawyers regularly troll these sites looking to obtain information to use against victims.

Make no mistake, posting the wrong type of content and/or pictures while you have a pending personal injury lawsuit can destroy your case. In fact, discussing your accident or injuries with friends, or even sharing photos can have negative effects on your case.

You need to know that any personal information that you post online (such as photographs, videos and comments about your activities) will likely be seen by insurance companies and their investigators.

Any information or images that you post online can be accessed and used in a way that will ruin your chances.
At The Bonfante Law Firm, P.C., we urge you to refrain from posting any information or pictures about your condition and/or activities.

Don’t be taken advantage of!!!

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