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slip and fall

$778,505.00 Combination Settlement & Verdict
Slip and Fall Case

Our client was seriously injured when he slipped on snow and ice in a parking lot while walking from his car to the train platform. He sustained compound displaced fractures of his tibia and fibula, resulting in surgery with the insertion of hardware. He also suffered significant permanent scarring at the site of the surgical incision. He also missed several months of work and suffered lost wages.

After obtaining the last deed of record, we sued both the property owner and the corporate entity that operated the parking lot at the premises.Click here to Read More

$435,000.00 Settlement
Auto Accident Case

We recovered $435,000.00 for a Suffolk County mother of two who suffered multiple herniated discs and nerve damage when she was hit from behind by a truck owned by a construction company. The client underwent cervical discectomy with fusion.

As she was a stay at home mom, and was not working when the accident occurred, she sustained no lost wages.

The case was venued in Suffolk County and settled while on the court’s trial calendar.

auto accident
Paying in Drive in Shop

$380,000.00 Settlement
Third Degree Burn Case

Recovered $380,000.00 for a Nassau County mother and grandmother who suffered third degree burns. She was scalded when hot tea was dumped in her lap at the drive-thru window of a Dunkin Donuts.

Client had no lost wages and did not require surgery.

The case was venued in New York County and settled during discovery just after depositions.

$310,000.00 Jury Verdict
Auto Accident Case

A Suffolk County Jury awarded our client $310,000.00 for pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Our client was rear ended by the defendant while stopped at a red light. After winning partial Summary Judgment on the issue of liability, Mr. Bonfante tried the issue of damages before a jury in Supreme Court, Suffolk County.

Our client suffered numerous herniated discs in his cervical spine, with permanent nerve damage that resulted in cervical radiculopathy. He missed ten (10) weeks of work, and was forced to undergo numerous epidural injections into his cervical spine in an attempt to manage his pain.Click here to Read More

auto accident
aggressive dog teeth

$305,000.00 Settlement
Dog Attack Case

Recovered $305,000.00 for a Nassau County child who was attacked by a dog. The child suffered permanent scar-like puncture wounds on her face.

The case was venued in Nassau County and settled at mediation while on the court’s trial calendar.

$260,000.00 Jury Verdict
Slip & Fall Accident Case

We obtained a settlement in the amount of $260,000.00 for our client, who slipped and fell in a puddle. The water resulted from melted ice cubes that had fallen from the soda fountain in the cafeteria at her place of work. She sustained tears to her knee and shoulder, both of which required surgical repair. We sued the landlord, as well as the entity that operated and maintained the food service area. The case settled at mediation after the completion of discovery.

wet floor caution
auto accident

$240,000.00 Jury Verdict
Auto Accident Case

A jury in Suffolk County awarded our client $240,000.00 in damages for the injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The jury decided that an award of $185,000.00 for plaintiff’s past pain and suffering and $55,000.00 for his future pain and suffering was “fair and adequate compensation”.

The plaintiff, a 16 year old student sustained herniated and bulged discs to his cervical, and thoracic spine. The boy received chiropractic treatment, as well as epidural injections, but sadly has permanent restrictions in his range of motion of the neck.Click here to Read More

$205,000.00 Settlement
Auto Accident Case

We recovered $205,000.00 for a 53 year-old Suffolk County man who was involved in a low impact rear-ended collision. Client had arthroscopic knee surgery and cervical discectomy with fusion. Plaintiff was out of work when the accident occurred and as such, suffered no lost wages.

Plaintiff was awarded summary judgment on the issue of liability.

The case was venued in Nassau County and settled while on the court’s trial calendar.

Vehicle accident
plowed parking lot

$195,000.00 Settlement
Slip & Fall Accident Case

We obtained a settlement in the amount of $195,000.00 for our client, who slipped and fell on ice while exiting her car in Waldbaum’s parking lot. She sustained a trimalleolar fracture of her ankle, resulting in surgical repair with the insertion of hardware. She also suffered permanent scarring at the site of the surgical incision.

During our diligent investigation, we learned that the hazardous condition was caused by a negligent snow removal contractor. The premises was also negligently maintained by its owner/property manager. Accordingly, we sued the snow removal company, as well as the managing agent/owner of the shopping center.Click here to Read More


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